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Changge and Ashina couple: The equal love is even more touching

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Changge and Ashina couple: The equal love is even more touching

June 04
16:06 2021

After the hit of the Long Ballad, many people fell for the couple of Changge and Ashina. For such a long time since the show was finished, this couple still has a strong influence, which makes many TV fans can’t stop.

This couple is not as sweet as many romantic dramas, it’s not even that touchy-feely. Changge burdened family revenge, fled her hometown, grew up while losing everything. Ashina’s life and growth experience were tragic, his family members died but he cannot revenge. However, they did not surrendered to fate, but carried honor and kept getting stronger. Such a strong character setting can easily resonate with the audiences.

Dilraba and Leo Wu stamped their own interpretation on Li Changge and Ashina, and presented the feelings between this couple to the audiences with flesh and blood.

Dilraba once said that the role of Li Changge has different meanings for her: “Li Changge is the most empathetic character among those I have ever filmed. She is brave, strong, intelligent and has a correct view of life and values. She is a woman with great sense of patriotism. I grew up with her together, she is a rare character.”

As for Ashina, Wu Lei described him this way: “Ashina is actually quite a lover. He gave up a lot and gradually figured out what he really wanted after he met Changge.”


It is not so much a “quite a lover” as a “trade-offs”. His “willing-to-give-up” is not a complete stupid love thought, but a step-by-step growth. After he felt the pain of losing when he shot an arrow towards Changge, he realized that the contending for power is not the most important thing, but to protect the people he wants to protect.

The relationship between Changge and Ashina is based on the premise of national hatred and family feud. If they just fell in love easily, the audience will not praise their love, but even relentlessly criticize them for having problems with his or her outlook.

The audiences love the couple not only for their feelings, but also for their patriotism, for their beating hearts and for their giving-up, for their struggles and for their redemption. It is precisely because of their double-lane growth that their emotional line has been established and more audiences fell for this couple. Who doesn’t like the evenly matched love?

There’s a reason that the Long Ballad can fight its way out under the heavy pressures. Dilraba and Leo Wu’s respect of the roles have made the couple, and also made the fans recognize the Long Ballad, which is the charm of good actors and good characters.

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