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The Power of Revolution: The FUJI Consensus Trading Zone opens up a new dimension in trading

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The Power of Revolution: The FUJI Consensus Trading Zone opens up a new dimension in trading

September 15
19:26 2023

For an already unbreakable landscape, the power of disruption may come from outside the order. FUJI is a new generation of forces in the trading track, and it may not be the most qualified to challenge the trading landscape, but it is the one most likely to disrupt the current pattern of exchanges. Just as the replacement of mobile phones towards cameras, Apple phones towards Nokia, the forces of change are always quick and sudden. The FUJI consensus trading zone is such a disruptive force that is brewing a force to disrupt the current pattern.

1.Co-builder Contract and Consensus Trading Zone

The FUJI Consensus Trading Zone is an innovative experiment in the crypto trading revolution, and the trading zone cooperates with the co-builder contract to build a new trading cooperation relationship. In the consensus trading zone, co-builders actively participate in innovative crypto finance projects to gain first-mover advantages in the market and enjoy welfare airdrops from project initiators, forming a deep match of platform, users, and project resources. As a deeply integrated community, users and the platform have generated huge economic value externally, allowing users to deeply participate in the dividend distribution of the exchange.

FUJI’s co-builder contract is the basis of the order mentioned before the consensus trading zone, and the consensus trading zone is the landing and implementation of the co-builder contract, and the two sides constitute a new strategy of FUJI Exchange. At present, the consensus trading zone has been fully implemented, planting the seeds of change on the exchange track.

2.Changes brought by consensus trading zone to the trading order

The consensus trading zone actually challenges the foundation of the mainstream exchange order, as a transformative force that can shake the exchange pattern. A powerful revolutionary effect is accumulating on the FUJI’s model.

Firstly, the Consensus Trading Zone changes the relationship between users and the platform. In the past, traders were the resources of the platform and the fundamental source of profit for the platform. In consensus trading zone, the users and the platform are integrated, which formed an external collaboration, providing users and trading markets for the project party. The early-stage dividends given to the users, and the platform obtains resources and returns from the project party.

This changes the antagonistic relationship between users and the platform. Both users of the platform can be retained for a long-term and continuous fission, forming a positive ecology, which is impossible to achieve in the current mainstream exchanges.

In addition, in terms of benefit distribution, the FUJI trading area introduces smart contracts, and the benefit distribution is automatically executed by the contract. The decentralization of the exchange has greatly improved the rights and interests of users, the co-builders’ union guarantees the interests of all parties on behalf of users, and the platform has changed from a leader to a collaborator.

Users in the market will automatically migrate to platforms with greater interests. In the long run, giant exchanges are slowly facing resources loss while FUJI is siphoning the traffic of the entire network, and once the change begins, it will not be easily stopped.

3.Imagine the new landscape of Exchange 3.0

As a subversive, FUJI is the first exchange in the world to fully propose the concept of Exchange 3.0 and take the lead in realizing the landing, challenging the pattern of the entire exchange track.

In the future, the global exchange landscape will undergo a subversive change, the “main five” pattern will collapse, and FUJI will replace one or even more giant exchanges and promote the new lead of the exchange. The process of replacing between the old and new is not only competition and confrontation, FUJI is also actively uniting with the advantage exchange to jointly promote the popularity of the exchange 3.0. Through capital promotion, FUJI has reached out several preliminary consensuses with the head exchanges members including Binance, and in the next 3 years are the key historical nodes of the global crypto exchange reshuffle.

FUJI will unite more forces to open a new chapter of Exchange 3.0.

FUJI is changing from a follower to an industry leader, redefining the framework of exchanges, bringing equality, collaboration and win-win new user relationships, and making crypto assets circulate more efficiently.

The FUJI consensus trading area has opened a new wave of global exchange reform, new forces representing the fundamental interests of the majority of users are gaining momentum. The new order system with the spirit of the co-builder agreement will change the trading pattern and expand the rights and interests of users. FUJI believes that: “Winning faith is winning the future.

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