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After the launch of MEMETOON, SlowMist auditing has been completed

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After the launch of MEMETOON, SlowMist auditing has been completed

September 13
09:54 2023

In the majority of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, which are currently facing challenges, MEMETOON has shown significant progress. Especially in September, MEMETOON underwent a significant transformation, which can be considered a milestone in its listing journey.

Currently, MEMETOON is listed on L-Bank, BitForex, and P2B, and its price has shown a stable upward trend. However, MEMETOON has another important announcement, which I will introduce today.

MEMETOON announced the completion of its audit with SlowMist, a blockchain auditing expert. MEMETOON is a blockchain-based comic platform that utilizes its utility token called MEME TOKEN.

Founded in January 2018 and headquartered in Xiamen, China, SlowMist is a company specializing in blockchain security. Since its establishment, SlowMist has conducted over a thousand security verifications for digital asset exchanges, digital asset wallets, smart contracts, and blockchain projects.

As a result of the security audit by SlowMist, MEME TOKEN has obtained security validation. SlowMist’s security verification consists of 14 items, and MEME TOKEN has passed all of them without any issues. This audit result qualifies MEME TOKEN for listing on all digital asset exchanges.

Of particular note is that the audit result includes the disclosure of the smart contract address based on Polygon, which increases trust. For new projects, these procedures are crucial in building investor trust. Therefore, it can be said that there are higher expectations for further listings of MEME TOKEN.

Now, let people understand how MEME TOKEN is used within the MEMETOON ecosystem. MEMETOON prioritizes creators and aims to collaborate and communicate with them. It seeks to select outstanding creators and provide rewards to both writers and readers.

Essentially, after registering on the application, you can receive 500 MEME TOKENs. Additionally, you can earn 10 MT POINTs through check-ins. Furthermore, by engaging in activities such as commenting and recommending, you can earn 1 MT POINT as a reward. Thus, you can establish an active blockchain ecosystem where you not only consume content but also participate actively.

To use MEME TOKEN on MEMETOON, you need to convert it into MT POINTs. The converted MT POINTs can be used for the services provided by MEMETOON. Currently, it will gradually launch the domestic version from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3 in November 2023.

In Chapter 1, you can stake MEME TOKENs. You can choose a staking period ranging from 30 to 365 days, with different interest rates offered for different durations. The minimum staking amount is 100,000 tokens, and the maximum is up to 100 million tokens.

In Chapter 2, people can purchase membership NFTs using MT POINTs or MEME TOKENs. Additionally, people have the option to purchase collectible NFTs to directly own and collect artwork. Beyond that, various types of NFTs are supported, including NFTs that support artists and interact with fans.

Community engagement goes beyond the online space. By issuing VIP NFTs, people will receive invitations to VIP-related events. Through NFTs, people can attain basic subscription NFT effects and have the opportunity to receive additional invitations to various VIP events hosted for artists.

Outlook: As mentioned above, MEMETOON is proceeding as planned for its service launch in November. pelple look forward to the future partnerships that MEMETOON will establish.

If people are interested in MEMETOON, being an early adopter may provide you with an advantage. Investing in promising alternative token projects alongside Bitcoin investment can potentially yield higher investment returns.

Official Website: http://memetoon.io/

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