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What motor is developing so fast? The market size may reach $22.44 billion

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What motor is developing so fast? The market size may reach $22.44 billion

September 04
17:43 2023

With the improvement of global industrial automation, intelligence, and people’s living standards, the application of motors in fields such as automobiles, household appliances, electronic audio and video, information processing equipment, and industrial automation will become increasingly widespread.

According to statistics, the average number of electric motors owned by each household in developed countries is 80pcs to 130pcs, while the average number of electric motors owned by households in large cities in China is around 20pcs to 40pcs, which is still far below the average level in developed countries. Therefore, there is still great room for development in the domestic electric motor industry.

Compared to motors with a history of over 200 years, BLDC motors are actually relatively young, with a history of over 50 years since their development. However, with the development of semiconductor technology and the popularization of MCU and driver components, the overall cost of BLDC motors has been greatly reduced. Therefore, in recent years, BLDC motors have developed, and their overall growth rate is also higher than that of motors.

Figure 1: Prediction of BLDC Motor Market Size

It is expected that the compound annual growth rate of BLDC motors will be around 6.5% in the coming years. According to statistics, the market size of BLDC in 2019 was approximately $16.3 billion, and it is expected to reach around $22.44 billion by 2024.

Where is the market size? What are the specific applications?

Automotive application market

With the rise of new energy vehicles, the penetration of intelligent driving, and the pilot application of the Vehicle-to-everything, the trend of automobile electronization is becoming more and more obvious.

In future cars, in addition to driving motors, electric power steering systems, electronic suspension systems, stability control systems, cruise control systems, ABS, and body systems (such as windows, door locks, seats, rearview mirrors, wipers, sunroof, etc.) will all be heavily used with electric motors.

Generally speaking, economy fuel vehicles will be equipped with around 10 motors, ordinary cars will be equipped with 20 to 30 motors, luxury cars will be equipped with 60 to 70, or even hundreds of motors, while new energy vehicles generally require 130 to 200 motors.

Figure 2: Number of Motors Used in Cars

With the increasing attention paid to the performance of automobiles, especially the requirements for comfort, safety, fuel economy, and environmental protection, the number of electronic control devices and electrical equipment in automobiles has correspondingly increased. The use of various electric devices has led to an increase in the number of motor equipment in automobiles.

New energy vehicles have been a development trend in recent years, and global policies are simultaneously promoting the development of new energy vehicles. Developed countries such as Europe and America actively layout the new energy vehicle market, promote the development of new energy vehicles through various subsidy and preferential policies and laws, and promote the transformation from traditional fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.

After July 2019 in China, due to the sharp decline of subsidies, the growth rate has declined. However, with the continuous introduction of new energy models by major automobile enterprises in 2020, especially the launch of TESLA Model 3, Volkswagen ID. 3 and other models, the industry is expected to shift from subsidy driven to demand driven, entering the second rapid growth period.


2020 was a crucial year for the development of 5G in China. Although there was a delay in 5G construction in the first quarter due to the impact of the epidemic, China Mobile stated that its goal of reaching 300000 5G base stations by the end of 2020 remains unchanged. China Telecom and China Unicom will also strive to complete the construction of 250000 new 5G base stations in the third quarter to recover the impact of the epidemic. In addition to the 50000 base stations planned by China Radio and Television, China will build 600000 base stations this year.

Figure 3: Number of 5G base stations planned to be built by the four major operators in 2020

In 5G base stations, there are also many places where motors are needed, first and foremost, the base station antenna. At present, the 5G base station antenna is equipped with control motor products containing gearbox components, including two options: stepper motor and brushless motor. Each electrically adjustable antenna is equipped with a control motor with a gearbox.

In general, a regular communication base station needs to be equipped with about 3 antennas, a 4G base station needs to be equipped with 4 to 6 antennas, and the number of 5G base stations and antennas will further increase.

In addition to the base station antenna, the cooling system in the base station also requires motor products. Such as Computer fan, air conditioning compressor, etc.

Drones/Underwater Drones

Drones have been popular for several years, but not all drones use brushless motors. Nowadays, many drones are switching to brushless motors to achieve a longer, lighter body and longer endurance.

According to Droneii’s report, the global drone market size was $14.1 billion in 2018, and it is expected that by 2024, the global drone market size will reach $43.1 billion, with the fastest growing regions being Asia and North America. The compound growth rate is 20.5.

According to the Civil Aviation Administration’s “Civil Drone Mission Registration Information System”, as of the end of 2018, there were 285000 registered drones in China. By the end of 2019, there were over 392000 registered drones and 1.25 million commercial flight hours of drones.

Especially during the epidemic at the beginning of this year, drones played a significant role, such as shuttling between hospitals and disease control centers, implementing automated transportation of epidemic prevention and control emergency drugs and specimens; Circling on highways, replacing manual aerial command work; Avatar disinfection artifact, complete epidemic prevention and disinfection and sterilization in rural areas and even urban areas throughout the country; Transforming into a propaganda expert, shouting slogans and persuading people to stay at home, and so on.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, contactless delivery has once again been pushed to the forefront. In China, the Civil Aviation Administration of China launched a pilot drone logistics and distribution service last year. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the pace of progress in China should accelerate; In foreign countries, logistics giant UPS and German UAV manufacturer Wingcopter have joined hands to bring the new VTOL UAV into the freight industry to transport packages.

There is also an underwater drone that we are not very familiar with, and we are slowly starting to measure it. I remember the underwater drone company I interviewed in 2017, which happened to be in mass production and had only shipped hundreds of units through crowdfunding. Now, the annual shipment volume is tens of thousands of units.

Electric scooter/electric vehicle

The electric scooter not only retains the original riding experience, but also provides intelligent auxiliary power. It is a transportation tool that lies between bicycles and traditional electric vehicles. Electric scooters mainly provide corresponding power assistance based on riding signals through sensors, reducing the output of cyclists and making riding easier for users. Compared to bicycles, electric scooters have added motors, batteries, sensors, controllers, instruments, etc., making the riding experience more diverse. Compared with traditional electric vehicles, electric scooters do not control the speed of the vehicle by rotating the hand, but by capturing the signal of riding through sensors, so as to understand the cyclist’s riding intention, provide corresponding power assistance, and make riding more intelligent.

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