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Wind-chasing Youth – 2023 International Youth and Children’s Art Exhibition, London

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Wind-chasing Youth – 2023 International Youth and Children’s Art Exhibition, London

April 19
22:27 2023

SEAGER Gallery, London, UK and GalleryYOO and GallervNAT London are proud to announce that the exhibition “Wind-chasing Youth – 2023 International Youth and Children’s Art Exhibition, London”, to showcase the artistic talents of young children. The purpose of the exhibition is to provide these young artists with a platform to showcase their creativity, so as to inspire them to continue to develop their pursuit of art. The organizer hopes to encourage more Teenagers and children pursue more goals and ideals in learning and life, develop unlimited inspiration, and experience a complete and wonderful happy time for teenagers and children. Use artistic methods to unrestrainedly sway the motivation of teenagers, and bloom the light of their own era.

The London gallery is delighted to present a diverse range of art from young artists with incredible potential. SEAGERGallery Gallery YOo and GallervNAT invite people to visit the exhibition “Wind-chasing Youth” from April 15th to April 18th to experience the creativity, passion and talent of the new generation of young children’s art.

The main body of this exhibition is “Wind-chasing Youth”. It is a contemporary youth and children’s art exhibition curated by Yue Yin, the curator of Gallery NAT in London, UK, and Flavia (Han Minying), the principal of Gallery YOO, at SEAGER Gallery in London. Among them, the curator Yue Yin is a professional art curator and artist with a master degree from the Royal Academy of Art and a bachelor degree from the Art Institute of Chicago; He has experienced youth and children curators many times in London, UK and Shanghai, China; the exhibition reception will be held at 18:00-20:00 on April 15, 2023, London time. A brand new display of 37 vibrant and innovative contemporary paintings by more than 30 young contemporary artists. These young artists are: Dong Qiaoman / Wang Haochen / Chen Xuanhan / An Dena / Elliot An / Edison Chen / Carmen Wang / Katelyn Li / Shi Ruihan / Laila Li / Zhang Yichen / Ma Yuqian / Qu Mingjie / Weiting Ye / Vicky Zhang / Liu Zitong / Vito Zhang / Huang Ruoxi / Liu Yicheng / Gui Ziqi / Harper Xu / Cao Qichen / Mira Yin / Arin Yin / Harvey Xu / Yang Yimin / Ou Yuhan / Xie Zifan / Liang Xiazhi / Wen Hefan / Wang Gengyan / Wu Qinlin/Gong Zibo/Gabriel Chen/Louisa Fu; During the exhibition, the audience’s praise for the amazing creativity and sensibility of the little artist can be fully seen.

The exhibition will be held from April 15th to 18th, 2023. Although this exhibition is an exhibition of young artists, the curators and galleries are all based on the specifications of professional artist exhibitions, so that this young artist with vigorous vitality Dreams bloom in London in the spring.

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