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Rabbit Finance Ecosystem New Technology Layer 2.0 was audited by blocksafu and kyc with pinksale

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Rabbit Finance Ecosystem New Technology Layer 2.0 was audited by blocksafu and kyc with pinksale

April 07
02:33 2023

Rabbit Finance is a technology platform developed on the Binance Smart Chain network, completely transparent and secure. The development team is experienced in the crypto market. The Rabbit Finance ecosystem consists of three main components:

Rabbit Market: an intelligent platform that helps members track coin fluctuations 24/7. Users can also mark desired price alert zones, add their invested coins to a separate portfolio, and manage their investment portfolio and profits for an extended period without paying any fees. Additionally, Rabbit Market is connected to various dex platforms such as PancakeSwap, Uniswap, SushiSwap, IceCreamSwap, etc. This enables investors to trade easily with a few simple steps.

Rabbit Option: With the desire to create a completely new playground for the crypto community, Rabbit Option was created using a completely new method. Users can choose the desired range of BTC or ETH prices. After 24 hours, if the coin value is within the chosen price range, you will receive profit proportional to each APR of each price range. The farther the chosen price range is from the current price, the higher the profit. Participants must use technical analysis skills to select the most accurate price zone.

Rabbit Wallet: With new layers appearing every day, blockchain wallets must upgrade themselves to keep up with technology development. Rabbit Finance aims to create a multichange wallet that can be used to store tokens on all existing blockchain networks. Moreover, Rabbit Market and Rabbit Option will also be integrated into the wallet, making it easy for people to use all the applications in the Rabbit Finance ecosystem.

The Rabbit Finance team’s plans are transparent and clear on the website and project whitepaper. Events are being organized on the Rabbit Finance Telegram community, and the presale is about to take place in a few days. Join to keep up with the latest news and the best opportunities in the 2023 crypto season. Rabbit Finance is the hidden gem of 2023.

Project was audited by blocksafu and kyc with pinksale

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