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Crucial Ally Is Changing The Genre of Punk Rock Across the Globe

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Crucial Ally Is Changing The Genre of Punk Rock Across the Globe

April 05
16:05 2023

Founded in December 2013, Crucial Ally is a one-man band. It is represented by Doug Thomas who works day in and day out in the band. Crucial Ally has its roots in Minnesota. Since then, it has been spreading its wings far and wide all across the globe. Doug Thomas has dedicated his whole life to the heart and soul of this band.

This band specializes in a variety of genres including punk rock, street style, and even metal. It is a beautiful amalgamation of all things musical. Doug has always sought to reflect his personality and thoughts through his music. He has been doing the same since the time the band was founded.

After the creation of the band, Crucial Ally would do a couple of small gigs and shows in and around town. The band gained popularity very soon and became an instant sensation. People would come from far and wide to see the band perform. All this motivated and encouraged Doug to release a new album in 2017. It was called FootPrints.

The album was an instant hit as well. The music was tacky and infectious which got most of the people grooving to its beats. For the next couple of years, it helped Crucial Ally gain much-needed exposure and stability that is required. Due to this, the band got many west coast tours in the year 2019. All of yours were carried out in the same year. People started knowing Crucial Ally outside Minnesota, MN.

By 2020, the pandemic will hit the world. It also meant a setback for Crucial Ally. All the shows that were planned further were cancelled and taken away from the band. But the band did not lose hope. Crucial Ally took this as a moment to take a break from the stage and show to focus on the things at hand. Crucial Ally gave undivided attention to the creation of a second album now. It was titled, “Washed Up”. It was released in July 2020.

Even after the lockdown was lifted, Doug decided to do local shows and focus more on his songwriting. Crucial Ally has been performing in and around Minnesota since then. Doug does not take up a lot of shows to focus on creating new music. He stays in the studio most of the time to release new music soon.

A third album is in the pipeline. It is slated to release by the end of 2023. Doug also plans on going on your trip by the end of the year. It will be followed by the simultaneous performance of all the songs and albums till now.

His new single titled “Swear” is a new sensation nowadays. It talks about resilience and determination oneself. It incites passion and courage in individuals and urges them to never give up. The song is all about being yourself. It is about fighting for what one believes in.

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