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exaBITS Showcases Distributed Cloud Computing Technology at ChatGPT & AI x Web3 Forum

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exaBITS Showcases Distributed Cloud Computing Technology at ChatGPT & AI x Web3 Forum

March 18
02:01 2023

exaBITS, a company dedicated to supporting the AI and Web3 industries with its cutting-edge infrastructure, recently presented its innovative distributed computing technology at the “ChatGPT & AI x Web3 Opportunities” forum in San Francisco. The event, organized by AIGPT, featured prominent companies and investment firms such as OpenAI, Coinbase, Google AI, Amazon AI, and Hashkey.

During the event, exaBITS demonstrated the implementation and potential applications of its distributed computing technology, as well as its exclusive AI technology. As the future of technological development, AI is currently hindered by the lack of computational infrastructure. ChatGPT (GPT-3.5), for instance, reportedly costs tens of millions of dollars per year in cloud services, while the recently released GPT-4 will require billions of dollars in computing power per year. These high costs hinder the innovation speed of the AI industry. Additionally, the existing centralized infrastructure used to build computing power is unable to meet the growing demand and is limited by cost and efficiency. In contrast, distributed computing power has numerous advantages, including unlimited computing power scalability, low cost, low hardware threshold, high efficiency, and no downtime.

exaBITS leverages the latest Internet development concept of computing power network to implement innovative technologies such as computing and network awareness, computing power quantity, computing power validation, computing power routing, and computing power orchestration. It has done so in a decentralized economic incentive system that allows everyone to participate in the construction of a global distributed computing power network by configuring computing power nodes. exaBITS also uses its Affordable AI technology to aggregate consumer-level graphics cards such as Nvidia 3080/3090 and AMD MI50 for large-scale AI training. This solution reduces the usage cost by more than 80% compared to using data-center-grade graphics cards such as A100, while significantly increasing the available computing power.

During the forum, professionals from Google, Apple, and Amazon had in-depth discussions with the exaBITS team, expressing great interest in its distributed computing solution. They agreed that revolutionary breakthroughs in information productivity industries like AI and Web3 require support from innovative bottom-level technologies like exaBITS. The team also provided a simple GPT Demo application during the event, allowing attendees to easily establish a computing node through a “little black box”. They uploaded the application program to the node, completed cloud deployment, and ran it. The entire application process was surprisingly simple and smooth compared to the complex technical system described by the team.

exaBITS plans to launch the first-generation distributed computing power server and commence the global computing power node deployment later this year. The implementation of distributed computing power networks will provide boundless energy for the innovation and development of the AI and Web3 industries.

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