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Creative Biolabs Launched Diverse Services to Boost Global Immunotherapy Development

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Creative Biolabs Launched Diverse Services to Boost Global Immunotherapy Development

January 20
17:21 2023
Embracing the fast progress of various immunotherapies, Creative Biolabs is pleased to introduce its service portfolio regarding immunotherapy, including macrophage therapy development, gammadelta T cell therapy, and immune checkpoint inhibitor development.

New York, USA – January 20, 2023 – Cancer is a complex disease that can evade or escape the host immune response, so it cannot be found until it becomes hard to handle. The advent of different immunotherapies has conveyed great hopes for patients suffering from cancers due to the strengthening of the immune system for cancer cell elimination. As a front-runner in immunobiology, Creative Biolabs is honored to offer a wide range of custom services to researchers in order to assist in overcoming challenges confronted in current cancer immunotherapy studies.

An expert at Creative Biolabs noted that, “due to the important roles that macrophages play in homeostasis and immunological responses as well as their critical innate immune defenses capability, macrophage treatment has attracted great interest from researchers worldwide.”

Creative Biolabs’ macrophage therapeutics development services covered macrophage isolation and culture, macrophage polarization assays, macrophage characterization, and macrophage-targeted drug delivery systems. At the same time, the company has guaranteed to contribute efficient and reliable scientific support to its customers throughout the complete development process.

In addition, gammadelta T cells have demonstrated potent anti-tumor activity against leukemia, breast cancer, colon cancer, and other cancers. Creative Biolabs offers a full set of fundamental services relevant to gammadelta T cell therapy development, such as gammadelta T cell isolation, activation and expansion, characterization, production, and cell function testing services, to assist with the development of T cell-based immunotherapy.

“Over the past few decades, various antibodies, peptides, and small molecular medicines for cancer therapy have been developed as immune checkpoint regulators that can upregulate or moderate immune responses,” added the scientist.

In order to meet researchers’ huge demand for the above checkpoint modulator developments, Creative Biolabs has established a full-scale platform for the development of various checkpoint-associated antibodies, proteins, peptides, assays, and small molecular drugs, thus, advancing customers’ immune checkpoint development projects. Creative Biolabs is excited to share its cutting-edge technology and vast experience in immune checkpoints with researchers in demand.

To learn more about the diverse services regarding immunotherapy development at Creative Biolabs, please visit https://www.creative-biolabs.com.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs, a world-leading biologics company based in the United States, is deeply involved in macrophage therapy development, gammadelta T cell therapy development, and immune checkpoint inhibitor development and provides reliable and comprehensive immunotherapy development services to customers worldwide. For decades, the company supported hundreds of clients’ immunotherapy development programs around the world with a team of talented scientists and cutting-edge biology technologies.

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