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Money Vine Is Generating Buzz In The Crowdfunding World

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Money Vine Is Generating Buzz In The Crowdfunding World

January 18
18:09 2023
Money Vine is getting praised for its Transparency, Reliability, Scalability, Exchangeability and Profitability.

The crowdfunding space is hugely excited by the project and native MONEY VINE as it will revolutionize the move-to-earn space as well as provide the world’s first fully integrated around the world.

Crowdfunding is the process of raising funds with the help of people across the country, using donation-based fundraising platforms as the medium. MONEY VINE is a new crowdfunding platform that helps raise funds for emergency medical treatment or chosen causes with free 24*7 support & expert assistance. The platform is open to everyone from newborn children and senior citizens to NGOs and more.

With donation-based crowdfunding, getting financial help for patients in India is convenient and reliable. Unlike medical loans and insurance, fundraising via online crowdfunding platforms requires no liability to pay back the funds raised. So, all the amount generated can be used to cover the cost of emergency medical treatment.

Crowdfunding is a quick and easy way to raise MONEY VINE using the internet and social media. Using an online fundraising platform, people can now raise any desired amount through donations from across India and get help with their social, medical, personal, or creative situations.

Campaigners have used online crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for medical treatment such as cancer care or transplant. One can also start a fundraiser and raise MONEY to receive help for disaster relief work, support a non-profit or a social cause, and even raise funds for personal needs such as medical treatment, education, or businesses.

Speaking to the media, the spokesperson of the company explained, “Online donation-based crowdfunding for social, medical, and personal causes is completely legal in India. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) considers all forms of crowdfunding legal in India except for equity crowdfunding. In fact, certain crowdfunding organizations are registered under the Income Tax Act as charitable trusts. Contributions made to such donation platforms are eligible for income tax deductions under section 80G.”

Answering the question, ”Do we need to return the funds raised on donation-based crowdfunding platforms?” he said, “MONEY contributed towards a fundraiser on MONEY VINE – India’s trusted fundraising website is considered a donation or a gift, which means the recipient is not liable to return the MONEY  at any point. This no-payback liability ensures people can pay for medical or personal needs without worrying about incurring debt.”

Modern inventions require manufacturing processes and machines; new video games require 3D assets, developers, and designers; new movies require a cast, crew, and special effects.

Fortunately, inventors can now turn to the Internet for crowdfunding the costs of creation. When thousands of supporters each invest a small amount of MONEY, that MONEY can add up to enough capital to bring a new product into the world.

To learn more visit: https://www.moneyvine.co/

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