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Knight Trade digital financial platform officially launched worldwide

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Knight Trade digital financial platform officially launched worldwide

November 21
23:26 2022

On November 20th, the official version of Knight Trade digital financial platform was launched worldwide, and the Malaysian operation Center held a conference with 500 users to celebrate the official version of Knight digital financial platform. “The number of registered users of the Knight digital financial platform has exceeded 10,000 in the month of public beta, and we believe it will soon exceed one million users,” said the chief technology director of Knight. It is reported that with the global launch of the official version, the “digital spot” will also be opened, and the monthly yield will be as high as 45 percent.

The integration of finance and technology accelerates the process of financial digitalization

The true integration of finance and technology makes digital technology accelerate the development of digitalization, cloud-based and intelligentization of finance. As a result, great changes have taken place in financial innovation practices, industry development and regulatory models, and digital finance has achieved leapfrog development globally.

The financial field should make extensive use of cutting-edge technologies, including big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. Generally speaking, these technologies have gone through several iterations, and their application scenarios, depth and breadth in the financial industry are constantly expanding, and their development is gradually becoming mature.

Knight Digital financial platform has taken the lead in this step. The 150-person technical trading team has made every effort to build cutting-edge technology. Now it has launched Knight AI robot, which can track and analyze data in real time and evaluate the best investment strategy based on multiple data such as return rate, risk coefficient, trade depth and trade slip point. With PB-level big data, it can accurately capture market changes, assist AI robots to make judgments, conduct high-frequency trading, build a high net worth ecosystem, and realize asset appreciation conveniently and quickly.

In addition, Knight digital financial platform also has sequential data system, efficient backtest engine, multi-factor investment and research tools, compliance risk control system, etc., which deeply integrates technology and finance. While improving the business and product innovation of financial institutions, it can also reduce cost and increase efficiency, and promote the digitalization and intelligence of financial institutions, industries or industries. For the traditional financial business, technology, products and services to bring a variety of development possibilities.

Digital funds are coming online, for internal users only

Digital transformation has injected momentum into the creation of new industries, new forms of business and new business models, and the financial industry is also looking for a breakthrough.

Under the background that traditional financial fund business is looking for the digital transformation method, Knight digital financial platform first launched the digital fund, which will be officially launched on December 1, but only internal users will participate.

Digital fund is the next development focus of Knight digital financial platform, therefore, Knight elite research and development team constantly optimize the AI robot investment scenario, strengthen the data processing capacity, after the test Knight data system loading 100 million data 500 times faster than ordinary database, and the horizontal expansion of storage, with more nodes to support a larger number of requests. In addition to technical support, Knight digital financial platform also has an experienced fund management team, which is expected to achieve an annualized return of 60%.

Knight Digital financial platform, as the leader of digital finance, has obtained the MSB financial regulatory license of the United States, and carries out digital transactions legally and in compliance. In the future, Knight digital financial platform will continue to deepen the use of digital finance scenarios, launch platform exclusive digital tokens, layout digital ecology, to meet the arrival of the Web3.0 era.

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